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Starfish Mobile is one of Africa’s leading Mobile Value Added Services providers with operations in over 20 countries and connected to over 50 mobile operators. Click here to see our interactive African Footprint map.

Starfish Mobile provides a wide range of services, spanning from mobile content, FMCG marketing campaigns, Trivia Promos to running Mobile Operators’ content services and conducting research through the mobile phone. Read more about our Products & Services here.


Starfish Mobile has since inception in 2002 become one of the main Mobile Value Added Services providers in sub-Saharan Africa with local operations in 10 countries, operations in over 20 territories and connected to over 50 mobile operators.

Starfish Mobile was formed in 2002 in South Africa, with its first expansion into Congo DRC in 2003. Since then, Starfish Mobile Group has grown steadily across the African continent into a truly Pan-African entity with operations in over 20 countries and local companies in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo DRC, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This process has connected Starfish Mobile to over 50 mobile operators across sub-Saharan Africa.
Since its inception, Starfish Mobile has seen Africa’s mobile landscape change from a pure mobile calling culture to a wide acceptance and embrace of a broad spectrum of Mobile Value Added Services. From daily news via SMS, music downloads and CRBTs, Trivia, SMS & Win campaigns to video content, Mega Promotions, Social Media and bespoke community content and information.

Through its focus on contextually relevant services bundled with local knowledge and staff, Starfish Mobile provides its services to Mobile Operators, FMCG Brands, Market Research Companies, NGOs, community organizations and direct to consumers through a variety of channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR, web and apps.

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Corporate Overview

Through its focus on localized organizations, Starfish Mobile is able to serve clients with local knowledge in a local culture, by a local team, who intimately understands the end consumers’ needs.

Starfish Mobile identified early on that Africa is not one country, not one culture but made up of 54 countries, each with a plethora of local languages, tribes, cultures and religious beliefs. Who then better to manage Starfish Mobile’s and its clients’ business in these countries than local partners and staff? With 10 local companies across Africa, Starfish Mobile employs close to 40 staff who are all empowered to “be their best”!

A Pilipino Mobile Development Company, manages all the daily technical and developmental aspects of our proprietary platform, Griffin, for the group. A centralized development hub enables us to share new concepts and successful developments quickly and efficiently across the group as well as getting a unified client interface standard.

Aside from over 4000 FMCG campaigns launched since 2002 with over 300 clients, Starfish Mobile provides content for Operator Portals, runs and manages Mobile Operators’ STK content menus and Promotional Campaigns for clients and Mobile Operators as well as Starfish Mobile branded client facing content services.

Starfish Mobile also develops in house content and sources bespoke content for mHealth, mAgriculture, mEducation as well as for generic content services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starfish Mobile’s Corporate Social Responsibility program spans all aspect of the organization, from providing educational content, free services to SADAG to supporting our own staff in gaining additional skills and advancement within the organization.

At Starfish Mobile, Corporate Social Investment and Responsibility is more than just a donations; it is a way of corporate life!

Starfish Mobile strives to provide content and services that both add value to and enhance the lives of the individuals that use them.

We provide content that helps farmers grow better and more sustainable crop and educational content that help prepare users for life. In Congo DRC, we provide seismic activity alerts and help NGOs reach their target market with relevant and contextual information.

In South Africa, we support the SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) with free services and provides SMS Donations lines for several charities, TOPSY, SACBC LENT and COTLANDS to mention a few.

In addition, we at Starfish Mobile want our staff to grow, both as individuals and in their careers and we encourage them to find out what they are passionate about, that Starfish Mobile can support them in reaching their goals and dreams.

Shaping the future of wireless applications across the borders of Africa