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Starfish Mobile has deployed its proprietary gateway, Griffin, with over 50 Mobile Operators across sub-Saharan Africa. It is one of the most robust and versatile platforms on the market and the core element of Starfish Mobile’s products & Services.

The Griffin Platform

Starfish Mobile’s proprietary platform, Griffin, manages all Mobile operator connections, content management and traffic data analytics. It connects to all SMSCs, MMSCs, USSDs and Billing Systems, enabling a variety of Services and Aggregation options.

Starfish Mobile’s proprietary gateway, The Griffin System, is the core platform used to connect to mobile operators’ various SMSCs, MMSCs, USSD Systems, Prepaid and Postpaid Billing systems. Griffin is designed to handle large volume of traffic and is one of the most stable platforms currently in use in Africa.

The connectivity is via SMPP, HTTP, XML, and the servers can be located inside an operator’s IT room, remotely “in the cloud” and connect via TCP/IP or VPN. Griffin and its connectivity modules can cater for any connection strategy required by a mobile operator.

The main modules of Griffin are:

  1. Packet Push Server:  Allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe to various content services.
  2. Cross Selling Engine:  Enables content services to be cross-sold to maximize download volumes for a service.
  3. Session Management System: Enables any Griffin based application to track the progress of any of its registered users and supply customized information depending on where the user is in the system.
  4. Traffic Management System (Stripes):  Facilitates traffic and usage performance for all mobile services and campaigns.
  5. Easy to use JAVA APIs: Facilitates simple application development turn-around times.
  6. Plug & Play capabilities:  Easy for 3rd party application services to quickly plug into the Griffin platform.


STRIPES is Griffin’s traffic management tool. It manages all aspects of campaign usage, winner awards, user statistics, MSISDN management, demographic data collected as well as Trivia Promo Campaigns.

Starfish Mobile’s Stripes tool is a one-stop shop to all aspects of campaign management, be it Demographic data or just the number of entries.

Each client gets a secure online access and can thus track its campaign’s performance in real-time, award winners and prices, check on detailed usage per hour, day, week, month or for the whole campaign. Stripes keep record of all interactions (based on bearer, time and MSISDNs) and thus deep usage analysis is possible.
Reports from Stripes can be viewed online or downloaded for further analysis and is also used for traffic reconciliation between Starfish Mobile operations and Mobile Operators various systems.

Mobile Operator Connectivity

Through its integration with mobile operators’ SMSCs, USSD Systems, MMSCs and postpaid and prepaid billing systems, we can offer a variety of Aggregation solutions to clients.

With its connections to over 50 mobile operators in Africa, Starfish Mobile can offer a suit of Aggregation, Content and Campaign services to clients on the African continent.  Click here of more details on Products & Services.

Griffin’s versatility enables Starfish Mobile simple plug and play modularity when creating Contents Services, FMCG Campaigns, Trivia Promos, research applications as well as pure Messaging and Billing Aggregation Services.

The solutions offered cater for Content Owners who needs a system to deliver his content to users, FMCG and Media Clients who want to run interactive campaigns, MVAS companies who want to sell services in a territory as well as Corporations and NGOs who have a need to communicate with is clients via SMS and USSD.

CMS – Content Management System

Through its CMS’ integration in Griffin, the Content Management System is secure, stable and efficient. It allows Content Providers to manage their Content and view Usage statistics.

Starfish Mobile’s CMS allows its local operations and Content Providers an online and independent management of their content services and Trivia Promos. The CMS connects to the relevant bearers depending on content type.

The Cross Selling engine, allowing Starfish Mobile to promote and enhance usage of different services, is an integral revenue generating function of the CMS.

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